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Browning "Big" John Fitch Model 574 Limited Edition

Historic Browning Knife – “Big” John Fitch Model 574 – Limited Edition of only 500 - Out of Production since 2009 - Each knife etched signature and nu...

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Kimber 84M or 84L Stainless Steel Scope Bases

Kimber of America 84M Stainless Steel rifle scope base set, for Kimber of America 84M and 84L (mainly Montana) rifles. NOT for Kimber of Oregon rifles...

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M&P 9 without internal locking system!!!!!!!

*** These are 2009 issued *** S&W M&P9 Semi-auto pistol, 9MM, 4.25 inch bbl, W/O Internal locking system, manual safety OR fired casing. Not for CA...

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Ultra Super Carry, 45acp, 3", NIB / *SPECIAL SALE*

*** REDUCED $126.00 FROM $1385.00*** Kimber of America Super Carry ULTRA 45acp, 3 inch, New in the box issued 2013 from the Kimber Custom Shop!! On...

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1911CO-45-SSS-CTW, Compact Stainless, 45acp w/Laser Grips-Nite Sights- NIB

SIG SAUER Model 1911 45ACP Compact Stainless 4.2" Barrel Crimson Trace Laser Grips and Night Sights – New in Box. We will now consider REASONABLE o...

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Elite CAR A4 5.56 w/Tacticial Handle included - NIB

Rock River Arms Elite CAR LAR-15 A4 5.56 w/Removable Tactical Carry Handle Assembly with rear sight included. RRA # AR1225, 16 inch Chrome Moly 1:9 ba...

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M40-A1, 40S&W, 4"- NIB w/2mags

Steyr Mannlicher M40-A1 semi-auto .40 S&W, 4 inch, matt finish, steel slide, full size polymer frame, front rail, double action, Made in Austria, New ...

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1911 Nightmare 45acp, 5" - 1911F-45-NMR

Estate Item - Close out on 2013 inventory. ***Reasonable offers will also be considered*** Sig 1911F-45-NMR Nightmare G10 Nitron, 45acp, 5 inch ...

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R716 Patrol .308 Piston Drive AR w/scope, ODG, NIB

Close-out ***Reduced $196.00 was $2395.00*** Sig R716 Patrol ODG, 7.62 Nato / .308, 16” Gas Pistol AR, matt black metal finish with OD Green Magpul...

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Tactical CAR UTE LAR-15, 5.56-16"- NIB (Universal Tactical Entry)

Rock River Arms Tactical CAR UTE (Universal Tactical Entry) A4 rifle, 16 inch, 5.56 mm/.223, RRA # AR1205. We will now consider REASONABLE offers ...

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LWRC M6-SL, 5.56 STR-LW AR M4 Carbine

LWRCI M6-SL STR LW, 5.56, 16 inch, Piston Drive AR15 M4 Carbine / Black – New in box from LWRC!! (M6R5B16SL) 2013 issue. We will now consider REASO...

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Coyote Carbine 5.56, 16", AR1540 - New!!

Rock River Arms Coyote LAR-15 Carbine A4 5.56/223 16” Chrome Moly HBAR BH bbl w/1:9 twist and Vortex Flash hider, Wylde chambered – ¾ inch MOA at 100 ...

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LWRC M6A2 SPR, 5.56, 14.7" OD Green Cerakote - NIB

*** Reduced $116.00 from $2595.00 *** NIB 2013 Issue. LWRCI M6A2 SPR, 5.56, 14.7”, in OD Green Cerakote finish, Fluted - Hammer Forged bbl – New in...

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FNX-45 Tactical / Black, 45acp, New w/case

FNX-45 Tactical, 45acp, 5.3 inch, Black finish, Stainless Steel bbl end is threaded (cover provided), Night sights, single or double action with ambid...

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LWRC REPR 7.62/.308 16.1" Patriot Brown - New in Box

*** FINAL MARKDOWN - was $3795.00*** LWRCI REPR 7.62Nato/ .308Win, 16.1 inch w/Patriot Brown Cerakote finish – NIB - 2013 Issue– see photos!! Fu...

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Custom II w/Night Sights, 45acp, 5", New in Box.

Closeout - Reduced from $1395.00 / 2013 issue / price now firm. Kimber of America Custom II, w/ Night Sights, Double Diamond Black Rubber Grips, 45...

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LWRC M6A2 IC, 5.56, 16.1" Black-New in box.

*** REDUCED from $2400.00 *** LWRCI M6A2 IC (Individual Carbine), 5.56, 16.1” bbl, in Black – 2013 issue - New in Box – LWRCI # M6A2R5B16IC. Semi-a...

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M6-IC-SPR, 5.56, 14.7" Fluted - New in Box.

***Reduced $110.00 was $2359.00.*** LWRCI M6-IC-SPR Individual Carbine, 5.56, 14.7”, Fluted - Hammer Forged bbl w/AAC 51T Blackout flash suppressor...

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P227, 45acp, Nitron, Black - New Model - New in Box.

Sig P227R, 45acp, 4.4 inch bbl, Nitron Metal finish– these are 2013 issued guns. MORE POWER PER SQUARE INCH: The new, remarkably ergonomic SIG P227...

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LWRC M6A2 SPR, 5.56, 14.7", Patriot Brown, NIB / Final Close-Out Price.

LWRCI M6A2 SPR, 5.56, 14.7” Hammer Forged bbl, in Patriot Brown –2013 issue - New in Box – includes Cerakote finish, ICSPR Upgrade and 51T Blackout Fl...

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Elite Comp Mid-Length Carb. LAR-15 w/Chrome options - New in Box

***Reduced from $1495.00*** Rock River Arms Elite Comp Mid-Length Carbine w/Chrome Carrier and Trigger, 5.56/.223, 16”, LAR-15, 2013 issue, New in ...

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Grand Raptor .45acp - New in Box

***Final Markdown Sale Item - reduced $120.00 from $1459.00.*** Kimber Grand Raptor II, 45ACP, 5 inch match bbl., two-tone LIZARD look!!!! High pol...

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Government Model SS Rail Gun, 45acp, 5", New in Box

***Reduced from $1249.00*** Colt Government Model Stainless Steel Rail Gun, 45acp, 5 inch, Flat SS finish, New in Box with 2-8+1 Colt SS mags. Nova...

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Gold Combat Stainless, 45acp, 5", Custom Shop, New in Box

*** REDUCED from $1959.00 *** Kimber of America - Gold Combat II, 45ACP, 5 inch, Stainless Steel – New in Box. The BEST from the Custom Shop – some...

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Stainless Gold Match, 45acp, 5", New in Box

***Reduced 164.00 from $1439.00 for closeout*** Kimber of America Stainless Custom Gold Match II, in .45ACP, 5 inch Match grade SS bbl – 16 twist, ...

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Custom Crimson Carry II (GREEN), 45acp, 5" w/Green Laser beam grips, New in Box (Retirement – Closeout)

(Retirement Reduction of $70.00 from 1129.00 – Closeout pricing while supply lasts.) Kimber of America Custom Crimson Carry II w/ Crimson Trace Ros...

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FNX-45 Tactical / Flat Dark Earth, 45acp, New w/case

**CLOSE-OUT / was $1195.00** FNX-45 Tactical, 45acp, 5.3 inch. Flat Dark Earth finish, Stainless Steel bbl end is threaded (cover provided), Night ...

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1911-22 A1, .22LR, 4.25", New in Box

Browning 1911-22 A1 Semi-auto .22LR, 4.25 inch bbl, Double Diamond Walnut grips, downsized 1911 frame, matt finish, SS bbl block, target crown action ...

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SW1911TA E-Series, 45acp, 5", Black SS-NIB

Reduced $140.00 for close-out from $1319.00 / 2014 Issue. S&W SW1911TA, E-Series – Tactical Accessory Rail, 45acp, 5 inch, Stainless Steel with Tri...

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637 CT Airweight 38SP+P Chiefs Special, Laser Grips - NIB

S&W M-637-2 Airweight .38 Special 2 inch Chiefs Special w/CRIMSON TRACE S&W Laser Grips, New in Box from Smith & Wesson. Single or double action with ...

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New Agent Lightweight w-Laser Grips, 45acp, 3", NIB

Colt New Agent Lightweight, (2014 issue) 45acp, 3 inch with Crimson Trace Laser grips, New in Box. Colt # O7810DCT, hard case, 2 mags, tools – see pho...

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Tactical Pro 9MM, 4", New in Box

***REDUCED $100.00 was $1195*** Kimber Tactical Pro II, 9MM, 4 inch semi-auto 1911 style pistol – 2014 issue - New in Box. Aluminum alloy frame fo...

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Custom TLE-RL, 10MM, 5" w/rail. New in Box.

Kimber Custom TLE-RL II, 10MM, 5 inch bbl, matt black finish, 3-dot Meprolight Tritium Night Sights, w/front frame rail. Kimber # 3200281. Identical v...

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Stainless TLE/RL, 45acp, 5", New in Box.

Sale - Reduced $100.00 from $1179.00 - Final Markdown. Kimber Stainless Custom TLE-RL II, 45acp, 5 inch bbl, satin stainless finish, 3-dot Meprolig...

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Tactical Entry II, 45acp, 5", New in Box

(Retirement – Closeout pricing while supply lasts. Reduced $50.00 from $1295.00) Kimber Tactical Entry, .45acp, 5 inch, Full size 1911 - 2014 Issue...

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Special Combat Govt. Competition, Custom Shop 45acp-NIB

Colt O1990CM 1911 .45acp, 5”, Custom Shop Special Combat Government COMPETITION, Black Carbon Steel slide and frame, semi auto pistol – NEW in BOX. SU...

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CQB Elite, 45acp, 5", Loaded with Options - NEW

Reduced $264.00 from $3759.00 Wilson Combat CQB ELITE, 45acp, 5” with Great EXTRAS – NEW in Pistol case, Born date is 11-18-2014 – see photos. This...

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Custom TLE-RL, 45acp, 5" w/rail. New in Box.

(Retirement – Closeout pricing while supply lasts. Reduced $54.00 from $1029.00) Kimber Custom TLE-RL II, 45acp, 5 inch bbl, matt black finish, 3-d...

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351 PD, .22mag, 7-shot, New in Box

S&W M-351 PD Airlite .22 Mag, 7-shot revolver, New in Box. Single or double action w/hammer, 1 7/8 inch bbl (1.875!!), Hi-Viz orange front sight, Coco...

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Classic Carry ELITE, 45acp, 5", NIB - 2015 issue.

***Sale Item Reduced from $2195.00*** Kimber Classic Carry Elite .45acp, 5 inch, New for 2015 and new in box – Kimber # 3000299. A striking bi-...

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Govt. Marine Model 1911, 45acp, 5", O1070M45, Desert Sand, New in Box

*** Last markdown - 2015 issue - Reduced from $1819.00*** Colt USMC Government Model 0, 1911 w/rail, 45acp, 5 inch, Desert Sand Finish, part # O107...

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ONYX Ultra, 45acp, 3", Special Edition, New in Box

Kimber ONYX Ultra II, 45acp, 3”, Special Edition, New in Box. We will now consider REASONABLE offers on all listed items on this site. Also wil...

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Professional .45ACP, 4" w/Options - New

** REDUCED $206.00 from $2995.00** Wilson Combat Professional, .45 ACP, w/Extra Options – New in Case. Wilson # PRO-PR-45 - 2015 issue – see photos...

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Texas BBQ Special Grade 1 Engraved, 5' 45acp, SS - NIB

**Reduced $400.00 - was $4995.00*** Wilson Combat Texas BBQ Special - Grade 1 Engraved, New. Wilson # BBQ1-FS-45. The Wilson Combat Texas BBQ Sp...

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Stainless Ultra TLE (LG), 45acp, 3' w/Laser grips & Night Sights - New in Box

Closeout / Reduced from $1395.00 / 2015 issue / Price now is FIRM. Kimber Stainless Ultra TLE II (LG), .45acp, 3 inch bbl., Satin Silver finish, 3-...

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Professional 9mm, 4' w/options - New in Box

2015 issue - On Sale - Reduced from $3195.00. Wilson Combat Professional, 9MM Luger, w/ Options – New in Case. Wilson # PRO-PR-9 – see photos. O...

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84M SUPER AMERICA 7mm-08 Rem, New in Box

Kimber 84M Super America Bolt Rifle in 7MM-08, 22 inch bbl, Winchester style three position bolt safety, AAA Grade walnut stock with checkered grip an...

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6.8 Mid A4 Rifle w/Options - New in Hard Case

Rock River Arms 6.8 SPC Mid A4 Rifle LAR-6.8, 16 inch WITH OPTIONS, tricked out in “Operator Style” – new in box. I ordered this one tricked out with ...

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Solo Sapphire 9MM New in Box

***Close-out - No longer made*** Future Kimber Collectable! We will now consider REASONABLE offers on all listed items on this site. Also wil...

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